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9789163943713 - Mette Helb k: The Clean Simple Local Cookbook - Bok

Mette Helb k (?):

The Clean Simple Local Cookbook (2017) (?)

Leverans från: SverigeNy bokeBook, e-bok, digital bokprodukt för digital nedladdning

9789163943713 (?) eller 9163943719

, Okänt språk, Stedsans Publishing, Stedsans Publishing, Stedsans Publishing, Nya, eBook, digital nedladdning
EAT NATURALLY What should we eat to be slim, happy, successful, beautiful, well-functioning individuals in a world filled with both good advice and hidden risks? Mette Helb k's message is: You will find the key to health by looking to nature. Eat unprocessed food, eat what is available locally and seasonally, eat food that has been produced in a way that shows compassion to Mother Earth, and follow the real needs of your body. In this book you will find guidelines to eating naturally and a large number of recipes which will make it easy to choose enjoyment over the dietary paradigm. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Mette Helb k is a Danish cookbook writer, food stylist, chef and restaurateur. She lives in a forest in Sweden with her family, and together with her husband Flemming Hansen she runs the restaurant and eco-resort Stedsans in the Woods.
Kategori: Healthy Cooking
Sökord: The Clean Simple Local Cookbook Mette Helb k Adult Healthy Cooking 9789163943713
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ISBN (alternativa beteckningar): 91-639-4371-9, 978-91-639-4371-3


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