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Siting Michelangelo: Spectatorship, Site Specificity & Soundscape:
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9789188661067 - Peter Gillgren: Siting Michelangelo: Spectatorship, Site Specificity & Soundscape
Peter Gillgren (?):

Siting Michelangelo: Spectatorship, Site Specificity & Soundscape (?)

ISBN: 9789188661067 (?) eller 9188661067, Okänt språk, Nordic Academic Press, Nya

SEK 445,57 (C$ 64,92)¹(utan skyldighet)
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Peter Gillgren, Books, Siting Michelangelo: Spectatorship, Site Specificity & Soundscape, Michelangelo’s originality as an artist lay not only in ideas about perfection and beauty, but also in his unique approach to the artistic process and art’s site specificity. Michelangelo’s frescoes in the Sistine Chapel and the sculptures of the Medici chapel and Julius II’s tomb should all be understood as dramatic interventions at their sites. Instead of adapting to and blending in with their surroundings, these are works that interact with the space, the ceremonies, and the music. In addition, the many uncompleted works and the artist’s own writings point to an aesthetic of continuous processing, where the fundamentals remain as important as the finished work. In Siting Michelangelo, Peter Gillgren investigates Michelangelo’s works as conceived with the aim of altering and rearranging what was already in place. Gillgren’s study shows that not only must we look closely at works of art, but we must fully consider them as embodiments of their sitedness. This original and thought-provoking book applies a fresh critical perspective to the essentials of the discipline of art history.
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