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Anarcho-Fascism: Nature Reborn-jämför varje erbjudande

9789188667229 - Jonas Nilsson: Anarcho-Fascism
Jonas Nilsson (?):

Anarcho-Fascism (2017) (?)

ISBN: 9789188667229 (?) eller 9188667227, Okänt språk, Logik, Logik, Logik, Nya, eBook, digital nedladdning

SEK 62,83 (US$ 7,19)¹(Gratis Frakt, utan skyldighet)
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Anarcho-Fascism: Nature Reborn deals with a multitude of important current issues, and presents a controversial and constructive starting point for an intellectual discussion on how the West can regain control of its own destiny. The book can rightly be described as a polemical pamphlet, built on solid arguments and full of references to other works, for those who wish to deepen their knowledge of the subjects discussed. The author does not shy away from issues that are considered taboo in contemporary society, as these subjects are crucial to future developments. The title "Anarcho-Fascism" might seem contradictory at first glance, bearing in mind the classical view on anarchism and fascism. Is there really anything that unites these ideologies, and can offer a solution to the problems facing the West? Based on the author's bachelor's thesis in political science, the book goes beyond the strict limits of ideologies and gives alternative answers to many questions. It invites the reader to partake in a discussion of the false perceptions that are influential today, and what the consequences of this will be. It also offers possible solutions to avoid this likely future scenario.
Säljaren ordernummer: 9456b4a0-670d-4daf-a4e4-3248415fc225
Plattformen ordernummer Kobobooks.com: 100379789188667229
Kategori: Politics
Sökord: Anarcho-Fascism Jonas Nilsson Civil Rights Politics 9789188667229
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ISBN (alternativa beteckningar): 91-88667-22-7, 978-91-88667-22-9
9789188667229 - Jonas Nilsson: Anarcho-Fascism: Nature Reborn
Jonas Nilsson (?):

Anarcho-Fascism: Nature Reborn (?)

ISBN: 9789188667229 (?) eller 9188667227, Okänt språk, TRSE Media AB, Nya, eBook

SEK 65,50 (US$ 7,49)¹(Gratis Frakt, utan skyldighet)
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Anarcho-Fascism~~Jonas-Nilsson, Anarcho-Fascism: Nature Reborn, NOOK Book (eBook)
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Säljaren ordernummer: 9789188667229
Plattformen ordernummer BarnesAndNoble.com (Nook): bnn-9789188667229
Kategori: Current Affairs>Domestic Affairs>Domestic Affairs
Data från 2017-10-03 06:12h
ISBN (alternativa beteckningar): 91-88667-22-7, 978-91-88667-22-9


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