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Complex Product Development Model-jämför varje erbjudande

9789198419504 - Sandahl, Christer: Complex Product Development Model
Sandahl, Christer (?):

Complex Product Development Model (?)

ISBN: 9789198419504 (?) eller 9198419501, Okänt språk, Publication Consultants, Nya, eBook

SEK 172,24 (US$ 19,99)¹(Gratis Frakt, utan skyldighet)
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Technology, Have you ever tried to explain what quality is? Let's say you know perfectly well how to develop a quality product, but your arguments are undermined all the time by fragmented details. Time and again you have to step back to sort out the details, in order to make a renewed attack. But somewhere along the debate you get stuck. The details never get sorted out. There are too many of them, and you don't share their definitions. After an hour or two you give up, and you revert to the old way of working, although you know you could do so much better. Now there is a solution to your frustration. The complex product development model explains all details and puts them together into a holistic and consistent lodestar for all engineers, managers, and teachers dealing with development of products containing a mix of mechanics, electronics, and programs. This model is an update of best practices from the most applicable development models in the world, scrutinized through a lifetime of product development experience in local, regional, and international product development companies. This book explains Cpdm principles in-depth, with numerous real examples. Difficulties and complexities are illustrated by a wealth of drawings, figures, and tables. You can go back and forth to understand every aspect. Over a product's life cycle, development cost is seldom significant. Development time is sometimes important, but most often the crucial shortage lies in quality, capability, and predictability. The Cpdm toolbox is availableuse it to win your debates and start to improve this industry forever. eBook
Säljaren ordernummer: 96038219
Plattformen ordernummer eBooks.com: eb-96038219
Kategori: Technology
Data från 2018-04-03 04:54h
ISBN (alternativa beteckningar): 91-984195-0-1, 978-91-984195-0-4


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